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Deidra's Dolly
Picture Book

Represented by Agent, Amy Brewer, at Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Deidra's Dolly book cover
Deidra's Dolly, real doll.JPG
Linda Mai holding Deidra's Dolly book, with green trees in background

Available wherever books are sold

Turquoise background with white confetti on sides

Deidra's Dolly is published by Young Dragons,

a division of Roan and Weatherford Publishing Associates.

Deidra's dog chews off a couple fingers on her dolly's hand, but that doesn't change how much she loves her. Even after other bad things happen to her doll, Deidra's feelings never change.


After a long hospital stay, Deidra can’t wait to get home, but she looks different now without any hair. Will her dolly will still love her? This is a tug-at-your-heart story of unconditional love, even through the challenges of cancer.

- Linda S. Mai

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